At Residenza Sissi in Almazzago, in Val di Sole, rest is also a treasured moment.  In order to recover your energy after a long day on the ski slopes or along the Brenta Dolomite paths, you need to relax in a welcoming and intimate atmosphere, where nothing is left to chance. The Tevini family has personally taken care of every last detail in the rooms available. Each room was simply and comfortably furnished to give each guest the sensation of being in their own house. Wood is the predominant element, conveying love for the authenticity and elegance of the mountain environment. Every room will intoxicate you with the fragrance of the wood and lull you with the silence of the high summits.

An intimate setting where you can savour treasured moments of rest, surrounded by the warmth of the mountain wood. The blue colour in the details recalls the colours of gentian, an alpine flower from the high slopes. Welcoming and spacious, this room is equipped with private bath, LCD TV with satellite and a large balcony...

Mughetto (Lily of the Valley)
In symbolism, this flower with its white petals represents spring and the return of happiness. Its intoxicating fragrance spreads through the Mughetto room, for moments of peace and tranquillity, rediscovering the peacefulness of silence or a captivating read. The green colour in its details symbolizes rebirth after the long winter months and the forces of nature that surround Residenza Sissi. It is a double room with a sofa for relaxing while watching TV and a large balcony for enjoying the breathtaking views of the Brenta Dolomites.

Rododendro (Rhododendron)
The red colours in the details of this wide and bright room recall the intense colours of rhododendron petals, the "delicately charming" flower. The intimate and comfortable setting will surround you in sweetness and embrace you, to rediscover the pleasure of being together. The room is equipped with a double bed, bunk bed, private bath, LCD TV with satellite and a large balcony to enjoy the pure air and incomparable landscape.

Via dell'Angiol Almazzago 3
38020 Commezzadura [TN]
Trentino Alto Adige
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