..means to know, savour and appreciate the enogastronomic culture of the Solandro people. Each day spend in Trentino is another pleasure for your palate... There are many opportunities to get to know the local specialties: besides the delicious tastings in the Alpine cottages and the plentiful dinners in area agritourisms, various events are also organized: enogastronomic tours in the heart of the towns, between the courtyards of the old houses and the narrow streets that lead to the church...among all of these we can mention, "En giro tra le Cort" (among the courtyards), set in the halls and courtyards in the town of Mezzana. Travelling around discovering various dishes will be enjoyed by young and old. The mottled realm of Val di Sole cheeses is dominated by Casolét, the strong-flavoured cheese known throughout the world. There is a festival dedicated to this specialty, "Casolét in Solandra cuisine", with visits to the alpine cottages and dairies, dishes based on Casolét and enogastronomic events.

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