A warm heart, full of history and tradition beats in every Trentino valley... and even Val di Sole has its hidden treasures. There's only one way to discover this enchanted valley... live it! When you reach Residenza Sissi in Almazzago, you can't help but admire the majestic castles that are interspersed throughout the area; surrounded by the green flowery meadows or orchards, these jewels are worthy of your attention. Each town in the region has a tradition that is deeply connected to the past; walking through the narrow streets in the town centre you will find the common characteristics of these mountain villages: the old capitals, the fountains where once women gathered to do their laundry and the church with its bell tower, the Sunday meeting place. If you stop to ask one of the many people who live here to tell you a legend about the Solandro people, they will be pleased to offer you their time. You will then be able to hear the typical dialect of this valley with its heavy Ladin influence. Entering in the characteristic village streets, you will "stumble upon" the small local craftsmen's shops: carpenters who build custom furniture and renowned blacksmiths whose art is also known throughout Europe. There is nothing left to do but just head out... Val di Sole is waiting for you!

Via dell'Angiol Almazzago 3
38020 Commezzadura [TN]
Trentino Alto Adige
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