Trentino is colourful in all seasons: there isn't any specific time of year that isn't worth a trip to this spectacular region. Winter is the best time for those who love the snow and snow sports: from an exciting descent with skis to a walk in the woods with snowshoes along with your friends, to a fun time skating with the whole family. The Christmas atmosphere will bring back memories with its traditional markets and natural flavours. Spring is the period of rebirth and nature is changing: its colours are more vivid, from the yellow of the flowery meadows to the intense greens of the slopes. Numerous activities await the entire family, from an excursion on the high Dolomite peaks to a bicycle ride on the many bicycle paths followed by a revitalizing genuine Trentino meal. Summer is the season with the longest days: Nordic Walks along the marked paths or, for children, exploring the many theme parks while breathing fresh, clean air. Summer is also time for diving and fun in the many lakes located throughout the area. Autumn shows us the warm colours of the long vineyard rows and the forests tinged with red; it is the period for festivals and tasty fairs, a good glass of wine and a meal to taste the authentic flavours of Trentino cuisine.

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