Traditional products

Spending a vacation in the hospitable Residenza Sissi means welcoming and appreciating a different nuance every day. The products of this fertile land are presented on Solandro family tables and offered to guests in the many agritourisms, lodges and alpine cottages that surround the area.  You will find Val di Sole apples as a mid-morning snack or for finishing your evening meal with a delicious dessert, but also as the perfect ingredient for a special tasting rice dish. A fragrant honey comes from the wide flowery meadows and generous environment. It is tasty and pleasant in desserts but especially good when combined with the many variety of cheeses produced in the alpine cottages of this fantastic valley. The most well-known is Casol├ęt, a typical mountain cheese with a tender, unpasteurized curd. Besides these products, the farming families of old also ate large amounts of various types of cold cuts, in particular speck with its bold flavour (characteristic of its aging and smoking) and luganega, which is eaten both fresh and aged. An authentic and genuine gastronomic culture to be enjoyed!

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