Trentino is colorful in every season: there is no time of year that does not merit a getaway to this wonderful region. Winter is the time for lovers of snow and its many sports: from an exciting ski descent, to a walk through the woods with snowshoes in the company of friends, to fun skating with the whole family. The Christmas atmosphere will bring back distant memories with its traditional markets and wholesome flavors. Spring is the time of rebirth and nature looks changed: it is tinged with the most sparkling colors, from the yellow of flowering meadows to the deep green of gentle slopes. Many activities await the whole family, from a hike on the high Dolomite peaks to a bike ride on the many bike paths and then recharge with a genuine dish with an authentic Trentino taste. Summer is the season for long days: Nordic walking on marked trails or for the little ones explore the many theme parks while breathing fresh, clean air. Summer is also time for diving and fun in the many lakes that dot the area. Autumn presents itself to your eyes through the warm colors of the long rows of vines and red-dyed woods; it is the time of tasty festivals and festivals, a good glass of wine and a dinner to savor the authentic flavors of Trentino cuisine.

Val Di Sole

In Trentino, Val di Sole is the place for you. A range of offerings in contact with the unspoiled nature of its Adamello Brenta and Stelvio parks, in a setting as unique as the Brenta Dolomites, the high peaks of the Adamello-Presanella massif and the Ortles Cevedale mountain group. In the winter months, the valley becomes a true paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, modern ski lifts offering the opportunity to ski up to an altitude of 3,000 meters. While in the warmer months, Val di Sole, becomes a labyrinth of routes to be traveled on foot or on your bicycle. Water is the element that unites and makes these areas renowned: there are more than 100 bodies of water to reach. The Noce torrent flows inexorably throughout the valley, during the warmer months it becomes the scene of steep Rafting and Canoeing descents for lovers of adventurous sports . But water is not only a source of fun and physical activity but also of healing and wellness; the neighboring valleys of Pejo and Rabbi have been known since ancient times for their spas.
In Val di Sole, each village is a small open-air museum, where you can discover an authentic culture that is strongly anchored in its origins, respectful of the environment and the nature that frames it.

Val di Sole: your vacation 365 days a year.

Typical Products

Spending a vacation in the cozy Residenza Sissi means catching and appreciating a different nuance every day. The products that this fertile land produces are presented on the tables of the Solandre families and offered to guests in the many agritourisms, refuges or mountain pasture huts that surround the area. You will find Val Di Sole apples again for a mid-morning snack or to end your evening meal with a tasty dessert, but also as the perfect ingredient for a risotto with a special flavor. From the immense expanses of flowering meadows and a generous nature comes a fragrant, tasty and pleasant honey to be enjoyed in desserts but especially to be paired with the many varieties of cheeses produced in the mountain pastures of this fantastic valley. The best known is Casol├Ęt, a typical mountain cheese with a raw and tender texture. In the peasant families of the past, in addition to these products, various types of cured meats were consumed in abundance, in particular speck with its strong flavor (a characteristic given by its seasoning and smoking) and luganega, a salami to be eaten either fresh or cured. An authentic and genuine gastronomic culture, all worth trying!